Man Sleeps With Gun, Winds Up With Negligent Discharge And Numerous Wounds

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA — A 52-year-old man was reportedly sleeping with his .22 caliber pistol between his legs because someone had recently threatened him.

As a result of this decision, the firearm discharged around 7pm Sunday evening, sending the bullet through the man’s hand and winding up embedded in his thigh.

The man was brought to the hospital for treatment. There is no word on his condition.

Sleeping with a loaded firearm, whether it’s between your legs or under your pillow, is dangerous business. The 4 rules of gun safety never get time off, and your firearm should never be in a compromised position.

What is a compromised position? Well, a firearm that is not secured properly while you sleep can be compromised. Take the ‘under the pillow’ approach as an example. When you sleep, you likely toss and turn during the night. Having a loaded firearm under your head is probably not a good place for it, regardless whether it’s holstered or not.

As an alternative? Get yourself a secure way to store your firearm in close proximity to your bed without compromising safety, that will also give you quick access should you need that firearm. Here’s a good starting point.


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