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Home Alone Wife Attacked By Intruder Wearing A Ski Mask — Gets Husband’s Gun And Defends Herself

BARGERSVILLE, INDIANA — A woman went to let out her dog from her home late one evening when she discovered a man in a gray ski mask and black jacket outside her home. She warned the intruder to not come any closer but he pursued her inside. She reportedly resisted and retreated to the bedroom to retrieve her husband’s handgun. The intruder followed her to the bedroom and was allegedly grappling with her on the bed before she got positive control of the handgun. At that point, he fled.

According to WIBC 93.1FM News, the woman fired two shots at the man as he fled. He still managed to escape. She abandoned the handgun on the bed and ran to a nearby neighbor begging for help. He let her inside and then called police.

When police showed up, they found knocked over furniture in the hallway and a smell of gunpowder in the bedroom consistent with the woman’s testimony. Her shit was ripped and police tried to collect DNA evidence to identify the perpetrator.

It was sublime luck she managed to get to the bedroom in the first place and gain positive control over the handgun. This story has all the markings of someone who is not expecting this sort of intrusion. Home alone and without her husband, she had to flee to the bedroom to retrieve that gun.

This could have gone much, much worse.

In a future article, we’ll discuss the two basic strategies to avoiding this. The first one is staging firearms at known locations so they are accessible by people in the household. The second is, our preference, carrying inside the home.

We can either prepare ourselves to deal with these situations or hope for the best when they occur. We’d prefer if our readers headed the advance warning and strongly consider carrying a personal firearm within the home — so it’s always within reach and under your control.

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