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Woman Finds Loaded Handgun Inside Rental Car

What some would call a free gun, others would call a hazard that could have ended badly.

Most of the ‘free gun’ people would likely be criminals, just to clarify. I believe that any self-respecting gun owner would do as this woman did — call the police.

In any event, a woman was attempting to adjust the seat of her rental car, but it wouldn’t budge. Shortly after, she found the culprit: a handgun underneath the seat.

The gun was loaded and the safety was off.

“It could have gone off and hit me or someone driving next to me,” she said.

When I first read the title of the source article, which had this quote as a part of it, I thought the woman was overreacting.

But really, she wasn’t. She could have reached under the seat to adjust it and somehow grabbed the firearm and pulled the trigger. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

While the rental car company should do a through check of their cars after someone has used them, it’s also the responsibility of gun owners to make sure that things like this don’t happen. Who knows who left the gun there, and it could have been there for some time, but let’s be mindful of where our guns are at all times.

It could also have been left behind by a criminal, but we’ll probably never know.

“If it fell into the hands of someone who had bad intentions, or if a child got it, I think they need to do something,” the woman said.

She’s not wrong.

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