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Man Forces Himself Into Woman’s Car With Knife, But She Has A Surprise Waiting For Him

MOLINE, ILLINOIS — No one wants to be faced with an armed criminal, especially one armed with a knife who just forced his way into your vehicle.

But that incident was stopped because the woman who was the intended victim was armed and ready to defend herself.

Local media reports;

During a struggle, the woman’s arm was cut, the statement said.  The armed man then forced her to drive him to a rural area of Rock Island County.

Once they stopped, the victim – who had a concealed carry permit – was able to get to her firearm, according to Griffin’s statement.  The armed man then ran off and the victim drove herself to the hospital, where police were then called.

Police were able to locate 61-year-old Floyd R. May, who was charged with numerous crimes stemming from the failed attempt.

May looks pretty sad in his mug shot above, and that’s probably because he knows that he was beat by an armed citizen who refused to be his victim.

Having your firearm close by and within easy reach inside your vehicle can sometimes be a tricky thing, but it’s important to have the plan in place before something like this happens. It’s fortunate that this woman was able to retrieve her firearm in time to get May to back off.

This woman, at some point in her life, made the choice to get her concealed carry permit. It was a wise one indeed, and we’re grateful that this incident turned out the way it did.

Here’s to armed citizens everywhere, and a reminder to criminals that we’re ready.

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