FL Man Shot By Police After Firing Rifle In Air Multiple Times To Celebrate Permitless Carry

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A man named Christian Labaut, aged 37, was arrested recently in connection with an incident that occurred in July where he reportedly fired a rifle multiple times into the air to commemorate the enactment of Florida’s new permitless carry law. The law, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier in the year, became effective on July 1, eliminating the need for training and additional background checks for carrying concealed guns in public.

On the day of the incident, police responded to a report of gunfire at an apartment complex in the Upper East Side. They encountered Labaut, who was in body armor and actively discharging his rifle in celebration of the new law, according to witnesses. Labaut allegedly resisted the commands of the responding officer, who subsequently shot him several times. Following the shooting, Labaut was hospitalized for an extended period before being formally arrested. Currently detained at the Metro West Detention Center, he faces 48 charges of firing a weapon in public and other offenses, including violently resisting an officer.

This is a perfect example of what a responsible gun owner doesn’t do.

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