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Guy Fresh Out Of Jail Shoots At School Bus Before Finally Being Taken Out By Police

This has to have been terrifying for the officer to witness in front of his eyes, not to mention the people on the bus. A man out of jail had cut off his ankle monitor and was on a mission to hunt down his estranged wife, who was driving the bus. His goal was to kill her, and it’s apparent that he’d do whatever it took to accomplish that.

At the time of the incident, there was one child on the bus with the driver. The driver did everything she could think of to get away from this madman, and when police got involved, the suspect’s attention seemed to have been diverted.

They continued on a chase of the suspect who ultimately took them to a school district parking lot, with him ramming into a car and getting out guns blazing. He didn’t last much longer, and luckily no one else was shot during the chaos. He went down hard, he went down fast, and he finally became a non-threat to everyone.

The video is absolutely wild, and reminds us of the craziness that’s out there. There was a lot of luck with this incident, including the fact that the officer just happened to be in the exact same area and was paying attention to what was going on.

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