Known Home Intruder Shot, Killed In Detroit

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – An altercation between two individuals led to one individual being shot and killed, and the shooter is claiming self-defense. Law enforcement arrived on the scene at the Detroit home and detained two people for the fatal shooting.

The homeowner asked his guest to leave his house in the morning hours of October 12, and guest left but returned, attempting to enter through a front window.

It was then that the homeowner opened fire and shot and killed the home invader. Police are calling it “domestic in nature.”

The investigation is still ongoing and the man who was killed is in his mid-30s.

Despite two individuals being detained, it has not yet been announced if charges are going to be filed against them.

One of the neighbors noted that they were surprised to hear about the shooting given the number of children that live in the neighborhood and play in the yard.

However, statistically speaking, most violent encounters are a result of domestic disturbances. This serves as a reminder that you never know what goes in the minds of people you know and people you encounter.

It is uncomfortable to think about but continue to be on guard for surprises like a home invasion even from someone you have a disagreement with and know personally. Single mothers and women can especially be prone to being victimized in abusive relationships and being proficient in firearms only ensures their safety.

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