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Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills Armed Robber In Front Of His House


PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — The city of brotherly love is in the midst of a sharp rise in gun violence lately. So if you live in the area, it is a good idea to be legally carrying your firearm with you wherever you are.

That’s what this concealed carrier did, and it saved his life.

A would-be armed robber was killed Sunday in West Philadelphia when his intended victim fought back, pulled his own gun and shot his attacker instead, police said. They said he was attempting to rob a man sitting outside a home on the 1200 block of North 60th Street, near its the intersection with Haverford Avenue a when he was shot.

The alleged robber ran down the block but collapsed on a porch a few feet away. He was transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and pronounced dead just before 9 p.m

Via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Because the shooting is still under investigation, we don’t have too many more details. The police did say that the concealed carrier did have a gun permit and is legally allowed to own and carry a firearm. We also know that there has been a spike in gun violence over the last few days prior to this shooting taking place.

The concealed carrier was sitting out in front of a house when the attempted armed robbery occurred. Our concealed carrier got the jump on the armed robber and shot him, sending him running off. He didn’t make it too far before he collapsed and later succumb to his wounds.

Although it is never easy squeezing the trigger and shooting another human being, when your own life is in danger there is little else you can do. The concealed carrier was prepared, trained, and ready to defend himself for this exact scenario. Continued training is an encouraged and important step in conceal carrying.

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