When You Travel, Do You Check The Other State’s Concealed Carry Laws?

I used to travel often, but covid put a damper on things. Now that we’re getting out more, the topic of travel comes back to light, including traveling with your firearm.

Whenever I’m venturing to another state, I check up on their laws surrounding concealed carry, even if I think I know them already. After all, laws change and I’d hate to be arrested for something that could have been prevented, if I had just taken the time to do a little research.

A tool that I use all the time is an app, created by Legal Heat, that gives a breakdown of the laws got each state in an easily digestible way. Search the app store and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, it’s free.

Knowing what you’re getting into before getting there is part of being a responsible gun owner. You don’t have to agree with the laws, but we must abide by them. And, if it’s really not to your liking, avoid the state altogether.

What about you? Do you research these laws prior to venturing out?

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