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Road Rage Leads To Concealed Carrier Firing Shots In Fear Of His Life

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTES — On Tuesday, Anh Kieu, a 39-year-old Quincy resident, will be arraigned in Stoughton District Court, Massachusetts, to face multiple charges tied to a recent road rage incident. The event, involving a shooting and a crash, reportedly stemmed from a dispute at a Canton convenience store, say local law enforcement.

Kieu was apprehended on Saturday, accused of four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, negligent motor vehicle operation, and lane infraction. The altercation that ignited these events occurred last Wednesday night at a 7-Eleven on Washington Street, Canton. This dispute eventually escalated into a shooting and a car crash at the crossroads of Plain and West Streets, Stoughton.

It was reported that Kieu brandished a firearm at the other man in the convenience store. Alarmed, the man fled to a friend’s Nissan. Kieu, driving a Cadillac, allegedly pursued the Nissan. The Nissan’s driver, fearing a chase, accelerated to get away from Kieu.

The pursuit ended at Pearl and Central Streets in Stoughton, where witnesses claim Kieu’s Cadillac veered into the opposing lane and confronted the Nissan. Kieu allegedly threatened the Nissan’s occupants with a revolver.

In response, the Nissan’s driver, who holds a valid firearms license, fired seven shots at the Cadillac, hitting Kieu with one of the rounds. Despite being hit, Kieu continued his pursuit. The ensuing high-speed chase ended in a collision at Plain and West Streets.

Stoughton Police recovered an SNR 357 revolver and a black pellet gun from Kieu’s Cadillac. Kieu remains in custody on a $20,000 bail.

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