Man Accused Of Pointing Gun At Dog Walkers

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — Matthew Whittenberger, a 24-year-old man, has been jailed in Mahoning County after allegedly threatening two individuals walking their dog in Youngstown’s West Side. The altercation began on North Schenley Avenue when Whittenberger reportedly became irate with the dog walkers for not moving their dog, prompting him to display a firearm from his home.

According to witness accounts, Whittenberger threatened the individuals with life-ending violence. The dog walkers contacted 911 following his refusal to put away the gun when requested.

Whittenberger, on the other hand, claims the dog walkers didn’t vacate his yard despite polite requests, and although he had a gun, he never displayed it. A subsequent police investigation revealed an active temporary protection order against Whittenberger, preventing him from possessing a firearm.

Initially arrested on charges of aggravated menacing and weapons under disability, Whittenberger now faces two counts of aggravated menacing. As per court records, he remains in custody, with a pretrial hearing scheduled for July 6.

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