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Marines Attacked By Group Of 40 Teens In Fireworks Dispute In California On Memorial Day Weekend

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA — A group of teenagers was filmed allegedly attacking three military members, two of whom claim to be Marines. The incident occurred on a pier late Saturday night, with the confrontation reportedly initiated when the teens were told to stop setting off fireworks.

The sheer number of individuals involved led Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Frank Gonzalez to classify the incident as assault with a deadly weapon, citing their feet as the weapons used when the victims were on the ground.

One of the victims, Hunter Antonino, shared his account of the incident, saying they were “stomped on” and “beat up”.

An investigation has been launched by the Mayor of San Clemente, Chris Duncan, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, which includes confirming the military status of the victims.

Fortunately, no significant injuries were reported from the altercation.

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