New Hampshire Homicide Investigated As Possible Self-Defense


MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The New Hampshire Medical Examiner’s Office has concluded its autopsy on the victim of a fatal shooting that occurred in Manchester on Tuesday night.

Rodney Yancey, a 43-year-old Manchester resident, was killed on Union Street after sustaining gunshot wounds to his chest, according to Patch.

The death has been classified as a homicide, which is defined as one person killing another.

The investigation is currently active and ongoing, with authorities examining whether the shooter acted in self-defense.

Manchester emergency services responded to reports of gunfire and an injured individual on Union Street between Bell Street and Valley Street on Tuesday.

They arrived at around 7:30 p.m., finding a man with a gunshot wound in front of a multi-unit residence.

Despite the responders’ efforts, Yancey was pronounced dead at the scene. The area was secured by Manchester police, who also set up a tent to cover the deceased.

The shooting took place in an alley near Union and Bell Streets, just two blocks from the police station. Several witnesses were taken to the police headquarters for questioning, and officers searched the area for evidence.

Manchester recently implemented a “shot spotter” technology that detects gunfire and displays the location on dispatchers’ screens. According to Police Captain Sean Leighton, this allowed officers to arrive at the scene promptly, secure the area, and attend to the victim.

Notably, the shooting occurred in close proximity to a previous fatal shooting in February 2020, which remains unsolved.

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