Woman’s Life Saved By Armed Bystander During Purse Snatch Attempt, Woman Shot 4 Times By Bad Guy

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS — A woman was robbed at gunpoint outside her work at approximately 10 p.m. on a Wednesday. She attempted to resist and was shot four times. Thankfully, before her assailant could do further damage, a bystander stepped in and opened fire on him.

According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, the suspect fled the scene and it was unclear if he was hit or not. The woman was evacuated to a medical center where she is listed in serious condition. No further word on her status.

As for the bystander, under Texas law he was completely justified in his use of deadly force. According to Texas law, it is justifiable to use deadly force when a person witnesses the unlawful use of violent force exercised on a victim.

This bystander’s actions may or may not have saved the victim but they surely sent a clear message to her assailant: we will not stand by while bad guys needlessly open fire on their victims.

A description of the suspect was also handed over to police. Hopefully he’ll show up seeking medical attention in the next few days or police have some good leads dropped on them. The suspect was considered to be an extremely young male — potentially in his late teens.

As we’ve reported in other stories, facing off against armed criminal teenagers is something that law-abiding gun owners are being increasingly forced to deal with. It’s something unfortunately we all have to prepare for. The bad guy we may have to fight may not be some idealized version that is fantastically thrown around but some soft-faced teenager with seemingly nothing to lose and no compunction about taking life.

Act accordingly. Carry everyday.

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