That Awkward Moment When Your Reattached Finger Falls Off During A Poker Game; Jose Canseco Style

Remember a few weeks ago when Jose Canseco shot off his finger while cleaning his firearm? Well if that negligence wasn’t embarrassment enough, try this one; While playing a poker game in Vegas, Canseco’s reattached finger fell off.

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Awkward. Let this be a continued lesson that firearm safety is a top priority each and every time that you handle a firearm. While I feel bad for Canseco, this was an entirely avoidable situation. He hadn’t properly checked the safety of his firearm before cleaning it, and it sadly turned out to be loaded.

It seems that maybe Canseco should have checked in with his doctor to let them know that his finger was giving off a foul odor. That should be a sign that something could be wrong.

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