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[WATCH] Man Fends Off Blade-Wielding Attacker With Trashcan And Somehow Wins

A man in Peru likely didn’t think he was initiating a conflict when he asked a man to stop sitting on his (or his family’s) car.

That interaction, would escalate all the way up to him having to defend himself against some sort of blade with a trash can — and winning, somehow.

The dude had to be really well-trained.

In the video below, you can see that the man approached someone sitting on a car — presumably either the man’s or his family’s — and asking them if they wouldn’t mind not sitting on it.

Apparently, that was all that was required to set hell loose, although a lack of audio denies us some clues as to what really happened.

What can be seen, however, is the man initially sitting on the car and a friend of his attempting to beat up this poor guy who just wanted a stranger (presumably) to get off his car.

Unfortunately for the two rage-y guys, the man they decided to attack was fluent in at least one language of whoop-ass.

He beats the snot out of the two guys with a ferocity that looks like it came out of an action movie. The man who was attacked then retreats into the restaurant he just came out of (it looks like a bakery), and disengages from the conflict.

The two angry men come back very shortly after with some sort of blade, apparently willing to kick this thing up to deadly force despite the fact that the fight was clearly over.

The rest you just have to see. I try to include questions to mull over for these videos, but this one requires your undivided viewing attention.

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