[GRAPHIC WARNING] Portland Driver Crashes During Unprovoked Attack By Mob, Is Then Beaten And Kicked Unconscious


PORTLAND, OREGON — A violent mob confronted a man in a truck during a ‘protest’, and that man eventually crashed his truck as a result. When he got out of his vehicle, he was attacked and then blindsided with a kick from a man who knocked him unconscious.

The driver’s condition is not known.

The videos below are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

The first video in the sequence below shows some of the aftermath, while the second video shows what happened right after the driver crashed the truck.

If we dig deeper into the comments, video surfaces that shows what happened prior to the accident, and it would seem that the group assaulted a woman who was outside the truck, and the driver came out to her aid.

In the next series of videos, the first shows more of the aftermath after the man was kicked in the head, while the second shows the confrontation prior to the truck accident.

Finally, video shows a man coming up from behind and kicking the driver in the head as he sits on the ground, knocking him out. This is the second video in the sequence below.

By all accounts, the group responsible for this initial confrontation, the attack and the man who dealt the kick should all be facing charges.

And further, this driver seems to have had every right to use lethal self-defense in this situation.

Later, the police show up and are heckled by the crowd, showing their complete disrespect for law enforcement.

Portland seems to still be in quite a bit of chaos, and it’s noteworthy to mention that these incidents aren’t happening in mainly pro-gun states, where a lot of these thugs are aware that armed citizens are around.


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