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BREAKING: Florida Legislature Sends Bill To DeSantis That Would Make Majority Of States Constitutional Carry

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — The Florida Senate approved a bill on Thursday, moving the state closer to becoming the 26th in the nation to adopt “constitutional carry” laws, subject to Governor DeSantis’ signature.

The legislation allows citizens aged 21 and older to carry firearms without obtaining a government permit or paying a fee, while still enabling those who wish to get a permit to do so, according to FOX News.

With 25 states already implementing constitutional carry or permitless carry laws, Florida’s adoption could make the US a constitutional carry-majority nation.

Interim Executive Director of the NRA-ILA, Randy Kozuch, said according to FOX: “The carry movement began decades ago and the NRA has been working to get this legislation passed throughout America. Therefore, today is indeed a day to celebrate.”

The Florida House first introduced their version of the bill in January, promoting it as a measure to improve safety for Floridians and their families.

The state House passed the bill on Friday with a 76 to 32 vote. Governor DeSantis’ office has not yet commented on the matter, but he has previously indicated support for a constitutional carry bill.

Georgia became the 25th state to enact a constitutional carry law in April last year, following Governor Brian Kemp’s signing of the bill.

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