Alleged Food Truck Robber Shot And Killed


HOUSTON, TEXAS — A robbery attempt at a food truck in southwest Houston resulted in the death of the suspect after being shot by the truck’s co-owner.

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. on Tuesday in the 14500 block of South Main Street at Fondren, according to KTRK. The suspect initially approached the Elite Eats and Cold Treats food truck, inquiring about the menu before attempting the robbery.

The co-owner, who was also the mother of the truck’s other owner Derick Howard, and her brother managed to close the window, but the suspect then opened the front window and pointed a gun inside.

The suspect’s gun jammed, leading a family member to comment, “Thank God. She’s a godly woman. That’s why the gun jammed because God jammed it.”

The co-owner, who is licensed to carry a gun, fired multiple times in self-defense, leading to the suspect’s death in a nearby parking lot.

No charges have been filed in the case, as police deemed it a self-defense shooting. The co-owner was taken to the hospital for a panic attack.

Derick Howard commented on the need for self-protection, stating, “Nowadays, you have to. It’s bad.” The family urged people to find honest work rather than resorting to crime. The district attorney’s office will review evidence collected by authorities.

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