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When Family IS The ‘Bad Guy’ — Defending Your Life Has Never Been More Important

HURLINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA — For a lot of people who purchase a gun for home defense, they may envision some illusive stranger with bad intent barging in and trying to hurt them. In times like that, a gun does indeed make a lot of sense. However, for a few, the real enemy is all too familiar.

One mother was recently forced to shoot her son after he forcefully entered her home and began beating her with a handgun. She fought the gun out of his control enough to discharge it once, wounding him.

According to the Herald-Dispatch, she was understandably distraught and cooperated with police as EMS took her son to the hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

It’s something no mother or father or family member should ever have to face but it can be a sobering reality. The bad guy may be someone we already know all too well. And when that time comes, we have to face the threat with the same courage we would face a stranger.

We’re reported on other cases where a son attacked his mother and it was his step-father who had to intervene through the use of a firearm. In another case, it was a grandfather forced to shoot his own grandson. And, in yet another one, a daughter is forced to shoot an estranged step-father.

It’s heartbreaking but it’s absolutely real. ‘Intent to harm’ and ‘grave threat’ all apply as operative descriptors when dealing with violent family members. When possible, it’s great when both parties are able to make it out in one piece. When not, we’d rather it be the person that needed to defend himself or herself or another family member.

We’d love to pin it all on drugs or mental health but there’s really no good way of knowing what makes a family member go off the deep end. If they’re raising a fist or trying to cause serious harm, though, the time to defend yourself is at hand. We always hope for the best but, in these times, we have to plan for the worst. And the worst can sometimes come from right within our own home.

Be safe out there. If a family member is intent on violence, get a restraining order. If you need to defend yourself, definitely call the police when able but above all else — stay armed and stay vigilant. You protect yourself, your family, and your home through whatever means are necessary. That’s why you’re a responsible gun owner.

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