Road Rage Incident Ends When Victim Shows Gun — Score One For The Good Guys


LAWRENCE, KANSAS — According to the Lawrence Police Department, a road rage incident involving two parties ended when the victim showed his gun.  The victim pulled over and the potential attacker got out and attempted to open the victim’s passenger side door.  That’s when the victim took out his gun, according to the report obtained by Lawrence Journal-World.  No sooner was the gun out than the potential attacker got the idea and immediately left.

Lawrence Police Department arrived on the scene to confirm the details.

The victim claimed he was “fearful about the other driver’s actions,” Lawrence Police spokesman Sergeant Trent McKinley said.

Well, there you have it.  The gun owner, in this case, made the responsible decision to get out of the road rage incident and he was pursued by the other driver.

Just goes to show not every confrontation has to end with a firefight.

More importantly, sometimes people lose their minds while on the road.  Being able to end a confrontation without the loss of life is always a top priority.  If you’re interested in learning more about resolving or de-escalating a road rage incident, we wrote a detailed article on that here.

While it’s a great thing that this ended without the need for violence, it’s always important to have control over one’s emotions when involved in an incident such as this.  A cool head and a steady hand can go a long way towards resolving situations like this.

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