Why We Carry: Child Grabbed By Coyote In The Middle Of The Day In A Driveway

If you want to see something scary, this is it. A child was in a driveway when a coyote came along and grabbed her, and began dragging her away. The incident unfolded on Friday in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles on the family’s property.

The father of the child was close by and yelled at the animal, making it back off just enough for him to get his daughter to safety.

The child had to receive rabies shots as a precaution, and is now afraid to go outside.

Having a firearm on your person would be useful if the animal continued to attack, but of course you wouldn’t want to pull the trigger if someone were in close proximity to the animal you’re trying to shoot. In this case, if the father got his daughter away from the coyote but it decided to go after the father, that could be a useful time for a firearm.

Luckily, the child was not seriously injured, but this is a wild reminder of how things can happen in an instant that we’d never expect. And if it were to happen to you, are you prepared to deal with it?

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