Ammo Shortage: Would You Still Carry If All You Had Was Target Ammo?

A great question came up in our Concealed Nation Extra Facebook group, and received a lot of response. With ammo shortages likely not ending in the near future, people are checking their stash and some have realized that they only have target ammo left.

We all know that hollow points (HP or JHP) are for self-defense, while full metal jackets (FMJ) are for target practice. Generally.

What if, though, you’re only able to access FMJ?

The answer, in a nutshell: Any ammo is better than no ammo, but know the differences. And know what could happen.

We want you to carry. We want you to be responsible and trained. Keep that in mind as we continue.

The purpose of a hollow point round is to expand on impact, and to not over penetrate. This differs from a FMJ round, which will not deform all that much after it’s hit a soft target, and could continue on through that target, leaving anything behind it in jeopardy of being hit as well.

We should always know what is beyond our intended target, of course, but JHP will likely not go through the target and injure someone else in the background, where a FMJ likely will.

That’s why hollow points, since their invention, have been the preferred round for self-defense.

If you absolutely do not have JHP for your carry firearm, find it. And when you find it, try to get enough to make certain that it plays nice with your firearm. Does it cycle properly? You’ll want to know this prior to any possible need for self-defense.

FMJ is definitely not preferred, but it’s better than nothing. If you’re in this position yourself, don’t stop the search for JHP. You’ll find them eventually.

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