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11-Year-Old Girl Saved From Kidnapping Attempt Thanks To Nearby Armed Citizen

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — An armed citizen is credited with stopping the attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl in Phoenix while she was on her way to school.

The suspect, who police are still searching for, is said to have grabbed the girl’s arm and put it behind her back, and then put his arm over her face.

An alert man in the area noticed what was happening, and he knocked the suspect down and away from the girl. He then drew a gun on the suspect, telling him to leave the girl alone.

Police say the suspect is a black man with a very dark complexion, green eyes and has a stud-style nose ring in his left nostril. He was wearing a black hoodie.


Let’s hope that police are able to catch up with the suspect, so that he’s not able to be successful in any future attempts that he may be pondering.

Meanwhile, the school principal sent out a letter to the parents of children at the school, letting them know about what happened and ways to keep everyone safe;

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The safety of your child is a priority of Village Meadows Elementary School and the Deer Valley Unified School District. With that in mind, there is some information that we feel is important to share with you as we work together to maintain a secure campus and safe community for our students.

A student reported to a Village Meadows teacher that on Wednesday, April 3, while walking to school, she was grabbed by a man from behind. A witness knocked the man down and told him to leave the student alone. The student was able to safely and quickly get away from the man. The suspect was last seen running westbound on Morningside Drive. Phoenix Police are investigating this incident and describe the suspect as a black male with a dark complexion, green eyes, and a stud style nose ring in his left nostril. He was wearing a black hoody.

This incident reminds how important it is to talk to children about what to do if a stranger approaches or if they witness suspicious behavior. Please take a moment to share these safety tips with your child:

*Always walk or ride in groups

*Pay attention to your surroundings

*Do not talk to strangers, if approached

*If approached, run away immediately, and tell a parent, school staff member or call 911

*Do not wait for parent pick-up/rides home in areas outside of campus that are not supervised

Phoenix Police has issued a media advisory and will be monitoring the area around the school where students walk to and from school. We will continue to watch for strangers near campus and report them to police. If you have any information or see suspicious activity, contact the Phoenix Police immediately at 602-534-2121.

Thank you for your support towards creating a safe, orderly, and caring environment at Village Meadows Elementary School.

Melissa Weinman

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