Hookah Bar Shooting: Self-Defense Claimed, Cell Phone Video Shows A Different Picture

KENNER, LOUISIANA — Police responded to a reported shooting at the Mazar Café Hookah Lounge at 3244 Georgia Avenue at 3:15 AM on 3/27/2022.  Upon their arrival, they found a 27-year-old man from LaPlace down with a gunshot wound.  He was transported to a local hospital, where he died the next day.

A local couple at the scene, who were the original 911 callers, reported that the man, Devin Bornes (27), threatened them with a gun.  A woman reported that she got into an argument with Bornes.  At one point, the man said, “I have something for you” and went to get something from his car.  When he returned, he pointed a gun at the woman.  Her husband, Darin Smith (32), drew his own firearm and shot Bornes.

Police reported that the couple were very cooperative.  No arrests were made at the scene due to the self-defense claim.  Police reported that they recovered two guns at the scene, one of which is believed to have been the gun that Bornes was using.

Several people fled the scene before police arrived, and police asked any witnesses to come forward.  One witness did come forward and presented a cell phone video.  The cell phone video contradicted Smith’s statement.

The cell phone video showed that the two men got into a physical altercation and both men drew handguns.  However, the video showed that Bornes retreated, and Smith pushed his way past two men who tried to hold him back, and pursued Bornes before shooting him.

Smith has now been charged with second degree murder.

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