GLOCK AR-15 Confirmed, But Don’t Hold Your Breath If You Want One

A few days ago, the gun community was lit on fire after a leak of some legit-looking photos surfaced that seemed to show an AR-15 with GLOCK branding on it.

After some research was done by folks in the industry, it seemed even more legit.

Then, just hours ago, TheFirearmBlog.com posted an article that they’ve confirmed with GLOCK that the gun is actually real.

The response that they received when asking about the photos was as follows:

GLOCK is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection. The image shared is of a product developed for select solicitations and it is not available for the general market at this time.

The rifle, stamped with GR-115F, is likely to take some time to get to the consumer market. That is, if it would ever happen. My best guess is that at some point, they will be making a consumer version of this rifle if it’s successful in whatever application it’s being made for, but that could be some time off.

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