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Chicago Couple Stops 5-Time Home Invader With Gun

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – A couple in Chicago held a home invader at gunpoint in the middle of the night until law enforcement arrived on October 12th. The invader came in through construction scaffolding in order to enter their seventh-floor apartment.

The woman woke up early to get ready for work when she heard a noise outside and thought it was just a nearby apartment, but then came face to face with the invader who punched her in the face. The boyfriend pushed the invader off of his girlfriend and yelled to her to get his gun, which she immediately did.

They then held the invader at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.

After searching the man, police found a crowbar in his waistband and two screwdrivers. Allegedly there were also items belonging to the couple on the man’s person.

The man had multiple run-ins with the law as he was convicted of burglary in 2008, 2009, 2015, and twice in 2017.

In most scenarios, concealed carriers or law-abiding citizens likely will not have the option to hold the invader or attacker at gunpoint. While we are not prescribing what to do in each and every scenario, this couple would have been within their rights to discharge their weapon, given this invader broke in and attacked a female resident.

However, we at Concealed Nation recognize the best option is zero loss of life. Just know, that many violent encounters with criminals in society rarely end this ideally.

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