Buffalo Gunman’s Manifesto Points Out Strict NY Gun Laws, Concealed Carriers With Limited Rounds

As the terrible story unfolds in Buffalo, New York, the gunman’s manifesto has been circulating and is being discussed. The 180-page document goes into incredible detail about the attack itself, his desired outcomes, and his reasons for carrying out such an attack.

I would typically not share any portion of a mass shooter’s manifesto, but this section does highlight how criminals view gun control in general.

While reading through the manifesto, there are numerous instances in which he credits New York’s strict gun laws, and details why it’s easier to carry out such attacks in a state that prohibits so much in the world of guns.

Screenshot from manifesto

For example, New Yorkers are limited to 10-round magazines, and the crazy gunman makes note of this while giving others pointers to carry out their own attacks. He points out that lawful armed citizens aren’t as much of a problem in states like NY, simply because they won’t have much ammo on them to fight back.

Screenshot from manifesto
Screenshot from manifesto

One of this desired outcomes from his murderous rampage is more gun control laws, in what he says will force (white) Americans to fight back to regain their rights. Yea, he’s heavily racist.

I will not be sharing the manifesto, or a link to it, because it’s absolutely insane and ridiculous.

This monster wanted to target specific people based on the color of their skin, and wanted to survive the incident so he could see how things unfold. Or, you know, because he’s a coward who’s afraid to die himself.

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