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Man Shot Dead At High-End Restaurant After Stabbing Security Guard, All Because He Wouldn’t Remove His Jacket

A VIP club, located in the basement of a high-end restaurant in Detroit, turned to chaos Saturday night when police say a patron wouldn’t adhere to the club policies. No cell phones, and no jackets.

The incident took place at the Prime and Proper steak house, in their VIP area known as “Cash Only”. The 52-year-old suspect apparently became agitated when a security guard asked him to remove his jacket. He refused, and was being escorted out by security when he pulled out a folding knife and began stabbing the security guard.

Another security guard who witnessed the attack then drew his concealed firearm and demanded that the suspect drop the knife, which apparently didn’t happen. The armed guard fired, striking and killing the suspect.

The security guard who was stabbed underwent 5 hours of surgery for injuries considered life-threatening. He is recovering and his current condition is not known.

A spokesperson for the restaurant released the following statement:

“Investigators have confirmed to us that they have all of the information – victim statements, witness statements, surveillance footage from multiple cameras, and more – as it relates to both the attacked – the contracted security officer – and the deceased, who was the aggressor.

“Police have turned that information over to the prosecutor’s office for review, and there is no question as to who fired the weapon in self-defense.”

Bad things can happen anywhere, including an invite-only VIP area. You simply never know who is near you and what they’re capable of. Luckily for the guard who was attacked, a good guy with a gun was close by and able to stop the insanity.

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