Phoenix Man Dies After Bring Shot During Parking Lot Altercation

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — A man is dead after he reportedly confronted his girlfriend and her male friend in a parking lot. Things escalated quickly, and it’s a story to think about as a concealed carrier.

The 33-year-old man began to yell at his girlfriend and her friend, who were sitting in a vehicle.

The man grabbed the steering wheel of their car, attempted to jump into the vehicle via the driver’s side window, and began assaulting the friend and the woman.

The man inside the car with the woman was armed with a handgun and told the other man that if he did not stop the assault, he would shoot.

The man did not listen and continued with his assault.

According to the authorities, the victim refused and, “at some point, the suspect’s gun discharged, striking the victim.”

It’s important to explain that this particular news source calls the person who died the victim and the person who shot the gun the suspect.

After the incident, both the man and woman stayed in the area awaiting police to arrive so that they could talk with them.

Charges are pending, according to police. It’s tough to say who was in the wrong here, since we don’t have anything concrete such as video evidence.

But it brings up a good topic; How much force is necessary from the aggressor to justify the use of deadly force? Are you able to leave in a reasonable manner to avoid the confrontation? Are you in a Stand Your Ground state?

We’ll be keeping an eye on this to see how things develop.

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