Man Trying “To Get Out of Rain” by Breaking In Doesn’t Mind the Wet After Gun Is Put in His Face


PALM BAY, FL — A man had the living crap scared out of him when he tried to break his way into a home only to find a woman holding a gun right to his face, Palm Bay Daily reports.

The man ran off, but he didn’t get too far. He was reportedly wasted.

According to Palm Bay Daily:

Palm Bay police were dispatched to the 1500 block of Hayworth Circle NW in reference to someone trying to break into the home. The homeowner said she was lying in bed when her daughter came running into her room to advise someone was outside her window, the report said. With a gun in hand, the homeowner walked around the home checking windows. Once she was in the back of the house, she opened the blinds and saw Krzak trying to open the window. She pointed the gun at Krzak and told him to get off her property, according to the report.

Krzak then walked away from the house and into a wooded lot as police arrived. Soon after, he was seen walking on Hollaman Street. Officers detained Krzak and interviewed him about his whereabouts. Krzak stated that he was driving around the neighborhood and pulled into a driveway. He said he parked the car because he didn’t want to drive drunk, according to the arrest affidavit.

“Krzak said he took two shots of ’99 Vodka’. While sitting in his car, Krzak then got out of his car in the rain because he did not want to drive while he was drinking,” the officer said.

Krzak stated that he thought the house was abandoned, so he tried to break in to get out of the rain. Krzak said he was on the phone with his wife and told her he was not sure where he was and did not want to drive because he was drinking, the report said.

Police noted — and it’s worth noting here — that Krzak was just a few yards from his car when he thought he’d try to break into a house for “shelter.”

If he really wanted to get out of the rain, he could have just gotten into his car, laid the seat back, and slept it off.

Hell, even if he was wasted, that had to have made more sense to him that committing a serious crime.

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