Young Woman Shot Dead Shortly After Finding GPS Tracker On Her Car


Abigail Saldaña, 22, took to Instagram and shared a video of a GPS tracker that she found attached to her car. Her mother confirmed that her daughter knew she was being stalked, but does not think she went to police with the information.

Saldaña was found dead, shot once in the arm and back, after 911 calls were made reporting a vehicle that was speeding and ultimately crashing. This happened just 2 weeks after the tracker was found.

54-year-old Stanley Szeliga was arrested for murder, after police were able to connect him to the crime. Szeliga allegedly had met Saldaña at a strip club where she worked, and apparently became an obsessed admirer.

Police say that before Saldaña was killed, Szeliga posted on Instagram: “I never thought I’d be one of those guys taken advantage of. Sharing for awareness. Abigail S. and I, since July 2021, we have been enjoying each other’s company. She’s so beautiful and personable that I envisioned a future with her. But dealing with all the lies is overwhelming, I realize that’s part of your primary job as an adult entertainer.”

“If you only leave your second job, being in a high-end prostitution ring we could move forward. Yes, this pays $2000 per session, but it’s illegal. And having a boyfriend whilst having sex with other men?!”


Was that text posted on social media for the world to see? That’s creeper status, for sure.

The lessons here are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • If you find any suspicious device, call police and have them handle things. Try not to touch anything, as you may disturb finger prints or other evidence that can be useful.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, and if you think you’re being followed by someone, get on the phone with police and explain what you’re seeing. Worse case scenario; you’re not being followed.
  • Some professions have greater risks than others, and while I won’t speak ill of job choices, I will emphasize the need to be cautious and aware of others’ behavior.
  • Let family and friends know of out-of-place things that are happening. Having perspective from others, and giving them the knowledge, can help bring about new perspectives.

Szeliga is being held on $250,000 bond.

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