[VIDEO] Armed Criminal Is No Match For His Two Targets, Who Are Both Armed As Well

We stand up and applaud when an armed bad guy finds out that he’s been met with equal force. But we stand up and applaud even harden when the armed bad guy targets two people who are both armed as well.

The couple is seen sitting at a table outside of a store when the bad guy comes up on the right side of the screen. He wastes no time pointing the gun at them, but then it’s on immediately.

The male target immediately goes after the robber’s gun, while simultaneously drawing a gun of his own. They get into a scuffle, and that’s when we see the female target take some steps back. These steps back are the game changer here, as she has the time to draw her gun and take shots at the bad guy.

Once this robber realizes that he has become the target, he runs for the hills.

There are many lessons to learn here, and many things could have gone wrong. Give the video a watch.

Did you see that? The guy who fought with the armed robber magically has two guns. That made us lol, just a little.

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