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Father Arrested For Shooting Son Because He Wouldn’t Stop Playing The Guitar

BLUE ASH, OHIO — A 79-year-old father with a temper is behind bars for shooting his son because he wouldn’t stop playing his guitar, according to police. He is also facing charges of domestic violence.

Fred Jon Hensley Sr. was charged with felonious assault “based on the officer’s investigation including a verbal statement from the suspect, who stated he shot his son with a .380 pistol because he would not stop playing his guitar,” police wrote in a criminal complaint.

“Hensley Sr. said he was tired of his son playing the guitar for over an hour. Hensley Sr. said he was only trying to shoot the guitar but ended up shooting his son in the (right) side of his stomach. (The son) then assaulted his father while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive,” police wrote in an affidavit.

Folks like this give gun owners a bad name, and it’s likely not the first time Hensley Sr. has been aggressive towards another person. I’m not saying it happened, but it’s a stretch to go from non-confrontational to firing off a round into an object that a family member is holding.

This is one of those cases that people ask; Should this guy be allowed to ever own a firearm again? No. The answer is no. Even if charges are dropped for whatever reason, this father has demonstrated that he isn’t mentally capable of possessing a firearm.

Fight me on that one.

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