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Watch Police As They Take Down Active Shooter At Wisconsin Casino

Back on May 1st of this year, there was a deadly shooting that took place at a casino in Oneida, Wisconsin. The gunman shot and killed two people and injured another. Recently, police released badge cam video that shows police find and confront the gunman, and ultimately shoot him. The suspect did not survive.

An investigation found that the suspect had been recently fired from the casino, and had also been harassing and stalking a woman who he had hired to work there. One of the people who the suspect shot and killed had been dating the same woman.

[The suspect], who had been fired from the Duck Creek Kitchen + Bar, shot and killed staff members Jacob Todd Bartel, 35, and Ian James Simpson, 32 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center at 2020 Airport Rd.

[The suspect] exited the restaurant and went to the parking lot of the Oneida Casino where he shot restaurant employee Dan Mulligan, 28. Mulligan survived.

via wbay.com

The video above is an intense one when you try to put yourselves in the shoes of the officers, who are actively running towards a suspect who is now a known killer.

The mindset of people that we know, including those we work with, can be widely unknown and unpredictable. This seems to be a case that, like most others, an armed employee taking their safety into their own hands could have stopped this lunatic from carrying out his jealousy-fueled murder spree.

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