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Armed Subway Employee Makes Quick Work Of Armed Robber, Fatally Shooting Him

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO — Police say an armed robber was fatally shot by an armed employee at a Subway, ending the robbery attempt.

“After preliminary investigation, talking to some of the employees at the business, it appears that the male had entered the business and attempted to rob one of the employees,” said APD spokesman Gilbert Gallegos. “There was an employee who was armed, that came out of the backroom, I think, to help the other employee who was being robbed.”

The armed robber has yet to be identified by police.

Not only did the armed employee act quickly, he was apparently in the bathroom when things were going down. Understanding the scope of the issue, the danger, and what is at stake, are all important elements to a successful self-defensive encounter.

It doesn’t seem that the employee will face any charges, but that’s not to say he won’t be let go from his job for being armed, as it’s against Subway policy for their employees to carry at work. They’re against anyone carrying, for that matter.

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