Police Department Plea to Gun Owners Is Breaking the Internet

NOLENSVILLE, TN — One Tennessee police department is absolutely fed up with guns being stolen out of cars.

They are almost as frustrated with the hapless victims involved with some of these cases as they are with the thieves.

Apparently, some of the residents of Nolensville, Tennessee are leaving their guns in their unlocked cars and having them *gasp* stolen out of their unlocked vehicles.

They’re also leaving keys in their unlocked cars, which is a wonderful way to ruin your own day.

On Facebook, Nolensville police made a plea to their residents:


“Please take your guns out of your unlocked vehicles at night! Keys too. I don’t know what else to say,” the report states.

You can tell how frustrated the poor guy just from how he slips from “we” as in “we the police department” to “I” as in “I can’t freaking stand this anymore.”

Now, there are two hyper-easy things you can do to prevent such tragedy falling upon you.

First of all, lock your cars, people. Like, come on.

I’ve left my cars unlocked in years past out of habit or trust in the safety of the area in which I live, but I’ve never done it with a firearms in the car. I mean, good Lord. And when I did leave my car unlocked in a safe neighborhood, it got rummaged through.

Thank goodness there was nothing worthwhile inside, which leads us to hyper-easy action item number 2:

Don’t leave your guns in your car overnight even if the car is locked.

Just take it in with you — it’s so much easier than worrying about the damage you cause when your car’s broken into.

And don’t even get me started on leaving the keys to your car in your unlocked car.

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