GRAPHIC WARNING: Couple Pulled From Car And Shot In The Street As Child Sat In Back Seat

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A man and woman were reportedly dragged from their vehicle and then shot during an altercation that isn’t clear on how it all began. It happened after a Puerto Rican Pride parade and celebration, of which the couple and child were said to be leaving.

“Shots rang out, people scattered, and then a man pulled out a gun and shot two people outside the sport-utility vehicle,” the station reported. “The video showed him firing the rapid shots and then running away.”

via theblaze.com

The male victim, identified as 24-year-old Gyovanny Arzuaga, died as a result of the shooting. Reports say Arzuaga was shot in the back and hand, and a bullet grazed his head. The female victim was identified as Yasmin Perez, who was shot in the neck. She remains in critical condition at the hospital.


At the 0:02 mark of the video, you see everyone in the area quickly duck as a result of a gunshot. Where that gunshot came from is unknown, but it doesn’t seem to be from the same person who gunned down the couple, since his reaction was to run as well. Could one of the victims have fired their own gun in self-defense? Or was it someone else in the gang that went after the couple?

What led to the couple being attacked is not clear, and police have no suspects.

If trouble looks like it’s coming your way and you’re in a vehicle, it might be time to hit the gas and get to safety. Nothing good usually comes from multiple people surrounding your vehicle, and at that point it’s you against them.

One of the best weapons that you can have is your vehicle in a situation like this. The ultimate goal, again, is to get away from the threat.

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