I’m In New York Again, Without A Handgun, But This Time It’s My Fault

For those who don’t know, I lived in New York for over 30 years prior to moving to Florida. Once in a while, I’ll venture up for a variety of reasons, this time being a little work with Vara Safety.

I don’t have a handgun with me, but I do have a New York State pistol permit.

Why don’t I have a handgun, you ask? Well, NY requires that any handgun you own, it’s registered to your permit. Therefor, you cannot carry a handgun that’s not listed on your permit.

Earlier this year, I sold some guns. Not thinking at the time, I sold some NY compliant guns.

Then, when I was getting ready for the trip, I was searching for which gun I’d bring.

Here’s the sad part: I have no handguns left that are on my NY permit, and it’s totally my fault. That means I’ll need to add some new guns to my permit, as well as remove the others that I no longer have. The problem is, you can’t own a handgun in NY anymore that holds more than 10 rounds. That’s 99% of my handgun collection.

We live and we learn.

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