Man With Guns, Body Armor And Possible Explosives Arrested Outside Hospital


LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY — A man was arrested after police received a call of a ‘possible armed and dangerous person’ outside a University of Kentucky hospital.

UK Police were able to stop the man, identified as Bryan Carroll, of Versailles, at the hospital without incident and arrest him.

Police say Carroll had weapons and body armor on him and suspected explosive devices were found in his vehicle.


The suspect has a long history of arrests that include kidnapping, assault, drug charges and domestic charges.

Now, he’s able to add much more to that list.

Carroll is facing a total of 14 charges in this case, including possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, and four counts of use of weapon of mass destruction. Police didn’t go into any detail about those possible explosives. Carroll is now being held in the Fayette County Detention Center on a $150,000 bond.

Many places in the area were locked down, and streets were shut down because of the unknown circumstances with the incident. The abundance of caution may be tied to the recent mass shooting at a grocery store in Colorado, where a gunman opened fire on shoppers while wearing body armor.

One of the best things that we can do: If we see something out of place, call police and keep yourself safe.

And if you have to, defend yourself with everything you have.

Was this a thwarted mass shooting? We may never know.

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