Some Attacks Are Unavoidable: Woman Shot In Back Of Head While Walking Down Street

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — A woman was shot from behind by another woman with a gun, who ran up to her as she walked down the sidewalk and was making her way inside a store. The cold-blooded murder was captured on surveillance video, and police say a female suspect turned herself in shortly after the incident.


The victim was identified by police as 54-year-old Nichelle Thomas. She was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries.

We like to believe that we’re ready for anything, especially armed citizens who keep up with their training and situational awareness. The truth is, not every encounter like this is avoidable, as I don’t see a way that this woman could have avoided this terrible outcome.

These people walk among us, and we can’t forget that.

There is no word on a motive for the murder, and I find it strange that the person appears to have turned themselves in — with her lawyer.

At the very least, this thug is off the streets, hopefully to spend the rest of her days locked up.

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