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Snapchat Scam Leaves One Dead After Woman Opens Fire On Person Breaking Down Her Door

BARTLESVILLE, OKLAHOMA — On January 12, a 23-year-old man from Bartlesville, James Allen, was fatally shot while breaking into an apartment. This incident occurred after Allen transferred money via Snapchat for a promised sexual encounter, only to fall victim to an international scam and arrive at the wrong address.

The Bartlesville police investigation revealed that Allen was misled by a Snapchat user named ‘Laureyy20,’ who gave him a false Bartlesville address for their meeting. Allen, unaware of the deceit, went to the address where he attempted to forcefully enter the apartment.

Inside, a 25-year-old woman, identified only as A.T., was working when she heard aggressive knocking that escalated to banging. She warned the intruder of her armed status and her intent to use force if they entered. Nevertheless, Allen persisted and broke down the door, prompting A.T. to shoot him. Allen was later pronounced dead at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Medical Center.

Washington County District Attorney Will Drake ruled the shooting justified, citing Oklahoma laws that allow individuals to defend themselves in their homes. Drake noted the unusual nature of the case but affirmed that A.T.’s actions were a justifiable use of deadly force, as she faced an aggressive intruder who she did not know and who had no right to be in her home.

Further investigation into Allen’s phone revealed his interaction with ‘Laureyy20.’ It was discovered that this user had contacted multiple people with similar offers in exchange for money, leading to the conclusion that ‘Laureyy20’ was likely a foreign scammer. Bartlesville police confirmed that Allen had no prior contact or knowledge of A.T., the woman who shot him.

The incident highlights the dangers of online interactions with unknown individuals and the serious consequences that can ensue from such engagements.

Why Allen was attempting to break into the her home is unclear, but it’s a good thing that the woman inside was armed and prepared to defend herself against an intrusion.

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