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Woman Shot With Her Own Gun While Showing Her Roommate How To Use It

HOUSTON, TEXAS – A woman who was teaching her roommate about guns was shot in the face by the roommate in their Westwood area apartment, according to the Houston Police Department. Officers responded to a shooting call in the 10200 block of West Forum Drive about 10 p.m. Monday.

The injured woman, Karina Montelongo, 25, owned the gun. She was showing her roommate, who had never handled a firearm before, how to use the gun. The gun discharged while in the possession of the unnamed roommate, striking Montelongo in the face.

The roommate told police investigators that she had never held a gun before and didn’t realize that it was loaded, according to investigators. The investigation is on-going, with no charges being filed yet.

A loaded handgun passed from one untrained and careless person to another is like handing someone a poisonous snake…it only takes it a second to turn and bite anyone within striking distance with painful and potentially deadly consequences.

Unfortunately, the soaring sales of handguns in the past year has included tens of thousands of first-time gun owners who have never even touched a gun before, much less learned gun safety rules or safe firearm handling practices.

Many think that it is as simple as buying a gun, never giving safety and training a thought, and that…that is the birth of an irresponsible gun owner…and an uneducated, untrained and irresponsible gun owner is the last person on earth who should even own a gun, much less put it in the hands of another untrained and uneducated person.

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