#DIGTHERIG – Alex and his CZ-75 P01 in a Custom Holster

I am Alex. I carry a CZ-75 P01.

I carry it in a original black leather holster. I do not remember the brand.

Initially, I used to use a Ruger SR9 Full Size. A little big to carry concealed. Mainly due for the handlegrip.

I started looking for any smaller. I proved by different weapons. Ruger SR9 Compact, Ruger LC9s, M & P Shield, Walther CCP and I finally decided by the CZ-75 P01. With none of the previous I felt comfortable.

CZ P01 It is comfortable, safe, reliable, accurate, little recoil, easy to handle and clean up. Otherwise, it is considered one of the best guns of the world. The holster it is nothing special, but I feel comfortable with it. Soon I go to buy a Alien Gear Holster.

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