Protesters Build Wall Around Land They Claimed By Force In Seattle, Police Left Area, Armed Guards Protect Those Inside New Country ‘Chaz’


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — A thing is happening in Seattle, and the people behind it say they’re looking for change. During weeks of clashes between protesters and police, the protesters eventually won and have taken over roughly 6 blocks of Downtown Seattle.

They’ve built a wall around their land they call Chaz (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), and have armed guards patrolling the perimeter. Aside from graffiti literally everywhere, and a busted up police station, things seem rather peaceful.

Reports of store owners being extorted were said to be false, but it’s not proven either way. My question would be; in a world without police, who would handle situations like extortion, if they were to happen? What if there’s a murder, rape, or other violence between the citizens of Chaz? They’ll have to handle those people somehow. Maybe they’ll banish them from the country.

Seattle Police say that they’ll still take calls to 911 from inside the zone, and respond to those calls.

Seattle police claimed earlier this week that some businesses housed inside the area are being extorted and forced to pay a fee to operate in the area. Best said Thursday that claim was false. “That has not happened affirmatively,” Best said, per the Seattle Times. “We haven’t had any formal reports of this occurring.”


Who is investigating this? It’s not the police. Are gang members inside the area, covertly extorting businesses without the knowledge of the population? It’s speculation, of course, but who handles this arena?

As protesters in Seattle continue to claim their own territory, “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth said on Friday that leftist ideas –­ such as defunding the police, dissolving the southern border and revoking the Second Amendment –­ will not work.

“The question is, do you send in the troops? Do you say, ‘hey, this isn’t going to happen anymore, or do you let Seattle sort of implode on itself? It’s a scary glimpse into the minds of leftists right now,” Hegseth told “Fox & Friends.”


The Mayor of Seattle is defending the protesters, saying that they’re there lawfully and are not causing any violence.

The Country of Chaz has posted a list of demands on Medium, one of which is the disarmament of the police department entirely.

In the transitionary period between now and the dismantlement of the Seattle Police Department, we demand that the use of armed force be banned entirely. No guns, no batons, no riot shields, no chemical weapons, especially against those exercising their First Amendment right as Americans to protest.

This demand lends credit to the 2nd Amendment. After all, when seconds count, police are minutes away. They’re helping to further the 2nd Amendment cause, if anything.

What are your thoughts on this ongoing test? Chime in below.

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