Tragic: Concealed Carrier Robbed And Murdered By Suspects Who Followed Him Home


FIFE, WASHINGTON – A resident was followed home, robbed and murdered by two men on Wednesday, November 18th.  The incident occurred near 62nd Avenue East and 39th Street.

Fife Police Chief Pete Fisher said his department was dispatched to a report of gunfire just after 6 p.m. When officers arrived, a Good Samaritan was performing CPR on a gunshot victim outside of his home. Despite the efforts of the bystander and the officers who took over CPR, the victim died at the scene.

Shortly thereafter, police learned that two people had shown up at a nearby Auburn hospital, one with a gunshot injury. One of the suspects has been arrested on suspicion of murder and the other was in custody and awaiting a police interview.

According to Chief Fisher, “This really was the result of a robbery. Robbed, then they exchanged gunfire and in that, our victim was shot and killed at the scene, and at least one of the suspects was hit as well and is being treated at the hospital.” Police also believe that the victim was followed home, although they didn’t elaborate on details of where he came from or what the robbers took from him.

Neighbor Raven Dean commented on the crime, saying, “Nobody in this neighborhood has seen anything like this before,” saying that she heard about 8 gunshots and then saw the victim lying in the road. “There was a few kids out with their parents, you know riding bikes and stuff at this time, so it’s just lucky there wasn’t a stray bullet that hit somebody.”

Further information was released a few days later, saying that the victim’s name was Nouman, and he was 26 years old. His family says that he was just coming home with a birthday cake for his sister’s upcoming 21st birthday.

“They follow him and they have him at gunpoint in front of our house. This is a safe neighborhood, this is not happening, I don’t know what’s going on in the world these days, but it’s just not at peace,” said Nouman’s mother.

“We do believe that, for whatever reason, our victim was targeted last night for a robbery. The incident went bad, with the victim being armed as well as the suspects. There was an exchange of gunfire,” said Dave Wood, Fife Police Department Assistant Chief.

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