Oregon Gunman Killed Himself Once Police Closed In – Here’s Why I’m Not Surprised


In the newest information to come out of the horrible tragedy at an Oregon university on Thursday, it is now known that the gunman took his own life once police started to close in.

That’s right; once faced with armed resistance, the cowardly gunman decided that it was all over because he no longer had the upper hand in the fight.

The officers arrived in just 6 minutes, and a lot of damage was one in that time. 9 dead and 9 injured. There is no doubt whatsoever that those responding officers saved dozens of lives that day by engaging the gunman.

We see this time and time again with these gunman. Here is how the scenarios tend to play out:

Step 1: Enter building
Step 2: Start shooting
Step 3: Once met with armed resistance, take own life

These guys don’t want a fight. It’s as simple as that. Once they’re met with equal force, they tend to take the easy way out because they realize their time is up. They realize that someone else in the area is able to properly defend themselves and others.

I won’t go into my normal speech about “what if an armed student were in the room and made the decision to intervene” because it’s pure speculation.

I will leave you all with this, though:

My tip: If you aren’t already, get serious about your own protection. Get your carry permit. Train with your firearm. Carry that firearm. Hope you never find yourself in a situation like this, but be prepared if you ever are.

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