Man Chases Woman Down Alley To Prove That He’s Not Scary


A woman apparently gasped when she ran into a black man in an alley. That man then turned on his camera and began chasing her while making growling noises and saying “Come here! You’re scared of black people, yea?”

Black, white, yellow, blue, that’s not my angle here. I can understand the man’s frustrations and his interpretation of the situation, but it may not have been true at all. What I can’t understand is the reaction. It’s overboard, to say the least. How would this reaction possibly help any situation, or make someone less scared of you? The woman could have simply been spooked by any person she wasn’t expecting to see in a dark alley, regardless of that person’s skin color.

Anyway, we’re a self-defense website, and after watching the video, this woman would have been in the clear to use defensive methods against this man because he absolutely appears to be an aggressor.

What a strange world we live in, all around.

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