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Concealed Carrier Robbed At Gunpoint In Parking Lot Acted Quickly In Self-Defense

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — A man armed with a revolver approached another man in a parking lot and announced a robbery. What the robber didn’t know was that his target had a gun of his own.

The suspect approached the victim with a revolver and demanded his belongings, according to Metro police. The victim then reportedly pulled out a handgun in self-defense and shot the suspect in the knee.

Metro police said the suspect ran away and was found in front of the Opryland Hotel a short time later. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

via local media

The incident happened around 7:15 pm local time, which would have still allowed for sufficient daylight. We all know that things can change drastically once the sun goes down, so luckily our armed citizen had daylight on his side.

The armed citizen did not suffer any injuries.

The incident offers up no additional information, along with no surveillance video, but we imagine that the man acted quickly when he made the decision to defend himself.

Making yourself better: Do you scan your surroundings when out and about, especially in transitional spaces such as parking lots? Knowing who is around you –and what they’re doing– are important things to keep track of as you’re moving about.

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