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Detroit Concealed Carrier Shot While Driving, Returns Fire On Suspect

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A concealed carrier in Detroit was driving his car when police say a suspect began firing at him.

It is reported that the 30-year-old was driving when the attack took place. Whether random or not, this is a situation that most of us are not prepared for.

The concealed carrier was able to return fire, but it is not known if the target was hit. Police are still trying to locate the suspect.

The man was taken to the hospital for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds. He is expected to survive.

Having an attack take place while seated inside your vehicle –and driving– can be a surprise to almost anyone. Having quick access to your firearm while inside your vehicle, as well as maintaining that situational awareness, are both key points to being aware of an imminent attack.

We’re not going to see them all coming, that’s for sure. Having your tool, and having first aid experience in the event that you are shot, are things to consider and freshen up on regularly.

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